1970s History

Fashion n 1970s was a diverse time where no particular look took the lead. It was a time when people were trying different things in clothing as self expression. It was a mixed bag of hippie, bohemian, rock, retro and punk. Both men and women preferred long silhouettes with lots of hair and of androgynous appeal. Fashion also reflected psychedelic with bold prints in bright colours and geometric designs. You’d see people wearing Indian block-prints, tie-dye dresses, afros, microminis, maxi coats and so on. Seventies fashion was a big mish-mash of pretty much everything. Vogue declared “There are no rules of the fashion game now. You’re playing it and you make up the game as you you.”


Characteristics of 1970s fashion:

  • Bell bottom pants, flared jeans
  • Jumpsuits for casual, evening and disco wear
  • Funny tshirts, tunic tops
  • Granny dresses, hippie dresses
  • Knits layered over pants and vests
  • Revival of accessories
  • Midi/ maxi length dresses with lace


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