1960s History

There’s no denying that the ’60s were one of the most impactful eras in fashion.  60s were the time of setting the tone for modern style and it was mainly revolutionised with bold colours and cuts. Till today fashion is still influenced by designers and stylists from that time. In early 60s, Jackie Kennedy was a big fashion idol with her perfect white pearls and tailored dresses. Somewhere in the middle of the decade, Twiggy along with other role models exposed women to new styling where they didn’t require any extra thought or effort.


Characteristics of 1960s fashion:

  • Bright colours, shapeless shift dresses
  • Plaid mini skirts/ pencil skirts
  • Pantsuits, bell bottoms
  • Stockings in all colours
  • Bobbed hair or long straight hair
  • Big icons: Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Mary Quant
  • Fun, Free-spirited 

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