1950s History

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Fashion in the 1950s saw great changes from beginning till the end. 50s were the beginning of the end of 20s, a lot of new styles were introduced but not as extreme as 60s. This was also an era where ‘ready to wear’ was gaining popularity and therefore clothing was beginning to get manufactured in mass. Style also started getting back on track during this time and it was picking up where it left during the war. In 1947, Christian Dior totally changed the fashion world, style was mature, simple and glamorous at the same time. After the war, men came back home and women also went back to being home makers and were constantly expected to dress impeccably in public or when their spouse was home. Women could only wear simpler clothing in privacy.

 Characteristics of 1950s fashion:

  • Peter pan collar blouses
  • Slim sheath dresses and tailored suits
  • Capri pants, high waisted jeans
  • Swing coats / twin set cardigan sweaters
  • Small hats / headscarves

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