1940s History

With the start of the war II, life changed for everyone especially for women because from after decades of freedom and opulence they were expected to make a contribution in war effort and therefore more women started to work which had a significant impact of fashion. A feeling of social responsibility with a lot of economic constraints had hit the fashion world. The first world war had blown away corsets and hence more styles influenced by military were seen on women.  40s fashion revolved around creating hourglass silhouette inspired by more masculine details.

 Characteristics of 1940s fashion:

  • Padded shoulders, high and slim waist – very prominent 1940s style.
  • A-line skirts that came down to the knee.
  • Bullet brassieres.
  • Military influenced trench coat.
  • Dirndl skirts.
  • Wide leg and high waisted pants



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