1930s History

1930s was the year when great depression began. This had a lot of influence on womens fashion in the thirties because of an important need to save money. Unlike before, it was hard for women to buy new clothes every few months. Hence, they started using their old clothes to create something new. During that time, the return of more Ladylike dresses began to appear but definitely not something without opulence and style. Everything was well-tailored, glamorous and elegant. Cuts became more rounded, hair became softer and prettier. A big shift was seen from cloche hats to revealed foreheads with small hats. Daywear was pretty neat, sweet and simple and evening wear was full dazzling.

Characteristics of 1930s fashion:

  • Daywear: Midi length dresses with fine cuts, puff sleeves, large yokes, belted waist and collars.
  • Eveningwear: Backless gowns, long bias cut dresses.
  • Long skirts with ruffles, evening skirts were with ankle/ floor length hemlines.
  • For evening wear empire- waisted waistlines were also a big thing back then.
  • For winters – Fur collar, knit berets.
  • Oxford shoes with perforated detailing, for evenings – t-straped heels.


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