1920s History

In 1920s, while the world was still trying to recover form First World War, a lot of changes were seen in the society. The war had important and irreversible effects on the society, culture and fashion. Unlike the outfits before, a lot of simplicity was seen in this new way of dressing.

      • Fashion was seen as expression of freedom and morals, therefore short flapper clothes.
      • Men and women broke free from proper Victorian ideals and shifted to more causal clothing.
      • Some of the most significant trends include low-waisted dresses, bobbled hairstyles, cloche hats, bright coloured clothes, bold stockings and scarves.
      • Women got more open to male clothing and hence the adoption of garconne look.
      • Clothing became more fun and casual and evening attire was glamorous silk gowns.

Here are some of the most popular styles from the 20s!


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